"Ted's integrity and dedication to our needs, as Buyer or Seller, makes it easy to work with him"

"Ted Egner is a valuable and trustworthy Realtor. He will put your needs first and foremost. He will help you find and buy a new home or help sell your current home. With Ted as our Realtor, our family and children have bought and sold four homes in the past 4 years. Heʼs helped our children find and buy homes near us, making frequent grand-parenting possible. It is a true gift.

Tedʼs comprehensive knowledge of building practices lets him quickly spot flaws in possible property transfers. With his experience as a Licensed General Contractor, he can advise first hand on home conditions and how much any unforeseen problems might cost during a sale or after purchase.

Tedʼs integrity and dedication to our needs, as Buyer or Seller, makes it easy to work with him. When weʼve gotten confused, Ted found a way to explain the options we needed to consider. He presented all issues clearly, helped us decide and then got to work on achieving the next step. I always felt understood and respected in spite of my naivety in the real estate and construction worlds."

John and Lynn Corralitos

Dear Ted

Karmen and I are writing to thank you once again for all the amazing work you did with us to sell
our home in Santa Cruz.
Your professionalism and caring hands helped us through a very emotional and trying time.
You gave us a clear and concise timeline to follow, tasks that would benefit us with preparing
our home for the highest possible return. You not only gave sound and stellar advice, but you
were there with us every step of the way. It meant so much to us, knowing you were in our
corner assisting and mentoring us along the way.
You made this experience rewarding and helped us understand the importance of being a good
seller. You/We did not cut any corners. We spent our time wisely and the preparation went very
smoothly, and the outcome was truly amazing.
We feel that the new owners of the home will appreciate everything we did to make the house
welcoming and ready for them to enjoy. The hundreds of little details we paid attention to, the
quality of work that went into making the house ready and the corrections made to the house
really stood out in the presentation you so graciously took care of.
Trust that in the future Karmen and I both would choose you as our partner in any real-estate
transaction. You made this experience very rewarding, and the outcome was fantastic. We
would recommend you 100% to any friends or family looking to buy or sell a home.
Cheers to you Ted Egner, you are amazing.

Alan and Karmen Reed, Santa Cruz

Dear Prospective Buyer/Seller,

I am writing to give Ted Egner my highest recommendation. Ted has proven to me
that he possesses all the attributes necessary to be an excellent Realtor. Ted is
diligent, very responsive, aggressive but yet very patient with his clients.
Additionally, Ted is both very professional and personable.
Ted clearly takes pride in doing a good job.
Ted is an excellent Realtor, however to call him just a Realtor is really doing him a
disservice as he is much more. In our case before putting our house on the
market, Ted made a few recommendations to help get us the maximum value for
our house. One of his suggestions was to upgrade our kitchen so that it would
have the “Wow” appeal needed to move a house quickly. Not only did Ted help us
by recommending changes to be made, he also acted as the general contractor to
make sure that the upgrades that we decided on were done quickly and on
budget. As a result, for just a minimal investment we sold our house quickly and at
a price that was higher than we were expecting.
On the purchase of our new house Ted was always on top of whatever needed to
be done. He patiently and knowledgeably walked me through any questions I had,
no matter how big or small. During the closing period Ted made sure that all
deadlines were met, and updated us throughout the process.
It would be hard to envision someone doing a better job than Ted Egner. If you want a listing on the MLS
and a sign in the yard, you can get that anywhere. If you want a trusted partner,
you want Ted Egner.

Rob George, San Jose Ca